Dining Table Accessories in India

Dining Table Accessories

As the living room is incomplete without the furniture and other accessories, in the same way your dining room is incomplete without dining table accessories. The accessories provide good vibes and elegance to the furniture. It becomes more important when we want to invite any guest to our home or host a party, so it becomes our topmost priority to offer them the best service. Keeping dining room accessories gives stature to our home. 

If your dining room is filled with suitable accessories, it provides beauty to your home. These days, the dining room becomes one of the most important places to be noticed by the guest or anyone who visits your house, and obviously, everyone wants to present their house appreciatively, therefore dining table accessories become a vital part of contemporary lifestyle. 

People are often confused, where they find suitable accessories for their dining table. Though you don’t have to worry about it, you’re in the right place. Here we provide you the list of dining table accessories that make your dining room complete and gives you the utmost fulfillment. 

List of dining table accessories 

1. Dining Table

Dining Table
ColourProvincial Teak1
Room TypeLiving Room
Size8 Seater
Item Weight40000 Grams

Dining table is the most basic accessory of the dining room. Many people even believe that it has always been a symbol of togetherness, an important milestone, and shared experience. The modern lifestyle doesn’t provide a lot of time to spend time together, so the dining table is a place where every person sits together to have their meal and spend some joyous moment. 

Regardless of cultural differences throughout the world, people believe that the dining table has its own significance and values. 

Dining tables are available in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, shapes, and designs. They are even made up of different materials, and you can easily buy the dining table according to the availability of the size and your preference. From time to time new kinds of dining tables are coming in the market to serve customers’ needs, so it’s suggested to choose the ongoing trend of dining tables for your dining room. 

2. Cutlery

Number of Pieces24
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Care InstructionsDishwasher Safe
Special FeatureCorrosion Resistant
Finish TypePolished
Included Components24 PCS Cutlery Set

The advancement of technology and civilization makes everything modern in today’s world. The dining experience becomes an immersive and important part of our lives, and it is a sign of embracing modern privileges. The cutleries become an important part of our dining experience. It makes the meal appreciable and also shows the liking of modernity, aesthetic values, and etiquettes.

Besides all these benefits, cutleries also provide comfort while eating. It makes the dining experience relaxant for everything. Even when someone visits your home, and they look at the set of cutleries, they would definitely be impressed by your choice. 

Cutleries are available in different sizes, materials, and even colors. You can buy the most suitable accessories for your dining room according to your preference, latest trends, and comorbidity. 

3. Crockery

BrandLarah by BOROSIL
Collection NameAll

Crockeries are considered to be the best elegant accessories at the dining table. Crockeries help the dishes to stand out and show their impact. It’s even believed that the beautiful kinds of Crockeries can lighten up a person’s mind and make the dish 100 times more delicious. People often collect different Crockeries set according to occasions, and it makes an impressive impact when you host some guests at your home. 

Crockeries are available in different sizes, materials, textures, colors, and designs. Different kinds of Crockeries serve different purposes and give an attractive look to your dining room. Even though new kinds of Crockeries are coming up in the market which is made up of steel or plastic, many people still love to buy Crockeries made up of chinaware and earthenware. So it’s your choice to buy the best Crockeries from the market which increases the beauty of your dining. 

4. Table Runner

Table Runner
ColourMulticolor Tribal Women
Size6 Placemats + 72 Inch Runner

Table runners add colors, texture, and attraction and are the foundation for the decoration of the dining table. They give a refined touch to the dining table and are used for everyday purposes and even for special occasions. Table runners are available in different fabrics, colors, and designs. Most people use natural fabric table runners for daily use while preferring shiny and silky table runners for special occasions. 

It is important to choose the right size of table runner for the dining table. When it comes to standard approximation, it is believed that the table runner should be one-third width of the dining table and allow for six inches hanging over each end. Many people prefer multiple layers of the lining of table runners and it makes the dining table look attractive. Apart from serving the purpose of making the dining table attractive, table runners also protect the dining table from spills, stains, and food. 

Table runners also show your taste in trending fashion and therefore become one of the most vital decorative accessories of the dining table.


5. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Without a fruit basket, the dining table looks incomplete. Fruit baskets help to keep the perishable items like fruit and it will be stored in well organized please and could be easily accessible whenever needed. Besides this, a fruit basket also provides ventilation to fruit and vegetables. It provides the essence of beauty to the dining room and also works as one of the well-structured functional accessories. 

Fruit baskets are available in different sizes, design and even they are made up of different materials like wood, or steel. The customers prefer to buy the best fruit basket from the market which suits their dining room. 

6. Coasters

ColourLight Brown
Product Care InstructionsWipe it with a piece of dry cloth only. Keep it away from water.

Coasters are one of the essential dining table accessories to maintain hygiene and to present a high-quality healthy lifestyle. It is the center of attraction at the dining table and makes sure that it grabs everyone’s attention. The timing spaced look adorned and pleasing with beautiful coasters. Besides its beauty, the coaster contributes to maintaining hygiene and also protects the furnishing from getting damaged from spills and stains. 

Coasters are available in different types, designs, and colors. The poster gives a personalized touch to the dining table and many times become the reason for the compliment of dining space. Whenever guests arrive, people serve them water or other beverages by covering them or placing them on these beautiful coasters. Nowadays even patterns are made upon these beautiful coasters to give a graceful look. 

7. Candles

ColourAncient/Antique BRONZE
MaterialGlass, Metal
Product Dimensions26.7L x 24.1W x 28.6H Centimeters
Finish TypeAntique Bronze
Item Weight1435 Grams
Number of Pieces1

Candle is one of the great choices to decorate the dining table. It even plays a major role in setting up a pleasant mood in the dining room. It became one of the essentials especially when the electricity blackout while having a meal. The lightning effect of beautiful candles enhances the dining experience, especially on special occasions. 

Candles are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and scents. It glorifies your dining space with its elegant beauty. Nowadays different kinds of real flame candles like wax candles, tea lights, votives, and pillars are easily available in the market to give a customized look. 

You can buy any kind of candle according to your consideration to give an aesthetic look to your dining space with a little effort and you will definitely enjoy the precious time memories with beautiful candles. 

8. Chandelier

ColourGold and White
MaterialGlass, Metal
Light fixture formChandelier
Product Dimensions30L x 50W x 20H Centimeters

Whenever people think about giving a customized look to their dining room, chandeliers become one of the most essential things. The chandelier is even considered as the focal point of a dining room and gives a finished look to the dining space. 

Besides giving an elegant look, a chandelier also provides a light fixture to the dining space. Chandeliers are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose a suitable chandelier according to your dining room space and other considerations and give a satisfactory look to your dining room.  

9. Flowers

Plant or Animal Product TypeDahlia, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus
ColourWhite and Blue
MaterialSilk, Plastic
Recommended Uses For ProductIt can be placed on the dining table, coffee table, side table, desk, bookshelf, bedside table, TV cabinet, porch, kitchen counter, fireplace and bathroom.
Specific Uses For ProductHotel Decor, Christmas Décor, Home Decor, Office Décor
Package InformationVase

Floral arrangement adds life to the dining space. Along with giving an elegant look to your dining area, the beautiful flower also boosts everyone’s mood and ambitions around the dining room with its blooming effect. 

A tasteful floral display also has the healing power to enhance disposition around the dining table.  You can put artificial or real flowers around your dining room according to your preference and those beautiful flowers of different colors, scents and arrangements give comfort and sophistication to your dining space. 

10. Napkins


Napkins are one of the basic dining room accessories to show etiquette. Whenever people eat, they prefer to place the napkin in their lap immediately while sitting at the dining table. 

Apart from placing napkins on the lap while eating, it’s also used to blot spills and clean hands and mouth. The napkin is used for multiple purposes during meals and it helps in maintaining hygiene. 

Many people even arrange napkins in different arrangements on their dining table to bring color and also used to place menus and place cards.



Everyone wants a perfect dining room and wants to present their delight through different dining table accessories. We know that it’s difficult to take out time from your daily hectic schedule to go from shop to shop to buy these accessories. But you don’t need to worry about it, we are here for you. We are taking the responsibility to provide the best accessory for your dining room in a single place. Here we give you a variety of products to choose from and deliver the desired product to your home. With the top quality accessories, your dining room stands out as amazed and gives a significant look to your dining space.