Air Conditioners Types in India

Air Conditioners

A few years back having an air-conditioner is not something that everyone can afford, that’s a luxury. But nowadays you can’t imagine your life without a conditioner at your home. It helps a lot in making human life convenient and pleasant. The air conditioner gives more cooling than a fan and makes you feel relaxed at your home. Nowadays all the offices and other institutions have air conditioners and it becomes a necessity with time.

In addition, to ensure your comfortability in hot and humid weather, the air conditioner also ensures that your body remains protected from dehydration and heatstroke. During hot and humid weather, it becomes difficult to live, especially for old and sick people. The air-conditioner helps you to feel free and calm in those severe conditions. 

There are even chances that machines like computers get damaged due to heat stress, air-conditioners also save these potential damages. Many people also believe that air conditioning also improves the quality of air around the atmosphere and saves you from getting serious health issues like asthma and different air-borne allergies. 

Air- conditioners become a lifesaver and it even improves the work-efficiency. Obviously, it’s difficult to concentrate in hot and sticky conditions, your productivity ultimately decreases, but air-conditioners save you from that and give you a comfortable environment to do your work. There are a variety of air-conditioners available in the market with different features, so it becomes important for you to decide which one you want to buy. Here we are giving you an idea of different types of air-conditioners so you can decide your preference. 

 Types of air conditioners

1. Window Air Conditioner

Window AC
Capacity1.5 Tons
Cooling Power1.53 Kilowatts
Special FeatureDust Filter
Product Dimensions74.5D x 66W x 43H Centimeters

It’s one of the most common and acceptable air-conditioners that never loses its popularity. You can easily install it even in a small room without any chaos. The maintenance of these air-conditioners is quite affordable and it has mastery over cooling down small spaces. 

One of the most important reasons for its popularity is that it’s easy to install and doesn’t need any change in the interior of your household. It is quite affordable for a lot of people and efficient enough to show its magic. 

2. Split Air Conditioner

Split AC
Capacity1.5 Tons
Cooling Power6.8 Kilowatts
Special FeatureEasy Filter Plus (Anti-Bacteria), Auto Clean (Self Cleaning)
Product Dimensions21.5D x 88.9W x 29.9H Centimeters

It’s considered to be one of the modern air-conditioners with a lot of facilities and advantages. Split air-conditioners are easier to install than the traditional ones and no ductwork is necessary. It’s Energy-efficient and has more star-rating than other air-conditioners. 

You can easily operate split air-conditioners without a lot of effort and these air-conditioners even suit your home décor very effectively. Split air-conditioners don’t make any noise which gives you a peaceful environment to do your work without any disturbance. 

In addition to all these benefits, split air-conditioners are cost-effective because of their long lifespan and also save your money by using less energy. 

3. Centralized Air Conditioner

Central AC
BrandBlue Star
Capacity2 Tons
Special FeatureAnti Corrosive Filter
Energy Star3 Star
Start year2022

Centralized air-conditioners system helps to cool down multiple rooms all at once. This air-conditioner cools down the entire house all at once so the temperature remains maintained within the house, it’s not that in one room you feel comfortable and in another, you feel dizzy. 

When it cools down the entire house, then the close surroundings near the house are also comfortable and cool. It’s one of the modern technologically advanced air-conditioner and certainly makes everyone happy at your house. Even there is not any conflict over who is going to have the room with an air-conditioner and you get the optimistic vibes. 

4. Portable Air Conditioner

Portable AC
BrandBlue Star
Capacity1 Tons
Cooling Power1350 Watts
Special FeatureAntibacterial_coating, Dust_filter
Product Dimensions39.7D x 48.7W x 76.5H Centimeters

These air-conditioner work in the same manner as the window air-conditioners. You can easily have it even if you don’t have a window at your house and it’s easy to operate and maintain. These air-conditioners don’t require any fixed installation at a particular place so that you can move it from one place to another according to your convenience. 

You can even easily store it during winter days, and they are easy to store as well. Besides saving the installation cost, these air-conditioners are pocket-friendly and anyone can buy them for spot cooling.

Benefits of Air Conditioners

  • Cool-down your body as well as temper:- The fundamental function of an air-conditioner is to cool down the surroundings around you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in hot and humid weather. Apart from this, air-conditioners also help in cooling down your temper. More unwanted heat makes you furious and frustrated and even becomes a reason for your aggressive behavior, so air-conditioners help you in remaining happy and healthy, and that ultimately cools down your temper. 
  • Good sleep:- It’s impossible to sleep when the atmosphere is not appropriate, whether it be too much hot or cool temperature. During summer days, many people complain about their abnormal sleep schedule, that’s why it’s important to have an air-conditioner at your home to provide you coolness during hot summer nights and you can get a good sleep. 
  • Better security:- When people don’t have an air-conditioner at their home and the fan is not giving the right amount of coolness, then they prefer to open the windows of their house. But there are chances that you could be robbed because of this and other crimes could also take place. So it’s better to have an appliance that gives you the right amount of coolness. 
  • Enhance the quality of life:- Having an air-conditioner is one of the best decisions that most people made without giving it a second thought. Besides saving you from humid weather, air-conditioners also lighten up your mood and take care of your sleep schedule. It even protects you from different health issues, so with that much benefit, it ultimately enhances the quality of life. 

Things to Consider While Buying an Air Conditioner

  • Tonnage:- Different air-conditioner have different cooling capacities, so it’s important to note down the right tonnage that you require for your home. Obviously, a big room requires more tonnage than a small one, so it’s better to plan beforehand about the tonnage you’ll buy according to the size of your room. 
  • Efficiency:- Buying an air-conditioner is not like buying a daily product of your house, therefore it becomes important to consider the efficiency beforehand. No one wants to spend a lot of money and electricity bill on a product that’s not effective. So already check about the efficiency of different air-conditioners before buying the right one for your home.
  • Installation and maintenance:- The installation of the air-conditioner properly is as important as buying an air-conditioner. It’s also important to clean it at regular intervals and the installation requirements of different air-conditioners are different. That’s why you need to decide everything in advance to avoid end-minute glitches. 

Features of Air-Conditioner

  • Turbo Cooling:- Turbo Cooling feature is one of the reasons that you get cool air. It allows fast cooling and heating and helps your air-conditioner to reach the desired temperature. You can easily control the turbo cooling mode with the help of a remote and can easily turn it on and off. 
  • This feature of the air-conditioner also helps to maximize the fan speed and later on you can adjust it according to the room temperature and it’s the ideal way to get an appropriate temperature for your room on a hot and humid day. 
  • Sleep mode:- The sleep mode feature of air-conditioners helps in saving electricity, which is pocket-friendly for you and even helps in protecting the environment. The sleep mode increases the temperature by 0.5 by each hour and the maximum limit is 3 degrees. As we all are aware of the fact that our body requires a certain amount of temperature during sleep and handle less cooling while we’re sleeping, this feature works according to our body needs to provide us a comfortable and gladdening sleep. 
  • In addition to Energy-saving and comfortability of our body, sleep mode also increase the lifespan of your air-conditioner and it remains in good condition for a longer duration. 
  • Wi-Fi inbuilt:- Modern days technology makes everything possible. With this feature, you can easily operate your air-conditioner with the help of your smartphone. You don’t have to roam around your house in search of a remote, you can control it with a phone or tablet. 
  • Wi-Fi inbuilt mode has made everything more convenient like you can auto-restart your air-conditioner with the phone and it would protect your air-conditioner from the damage of harmful voltage fluctuations. You can even pre-cool your room while sitting somewhere else. Apart from all these benefits, it’s cost and energy-efficient. 
  • Energy Saving:- Energy-saving air-conditioners are not only pocket-friendly but also help in protecting the environment. These air-conditioners are more efficient than the earlier made ones and use the latest technology to provide several advantages altogether. Recently it’s even noticed that the energy-saving air-conditioners have several compressors that can save energy by giving the same kind of comfort to you. 
  • A few years back these types of air-conditioners didn’t exist. People have to spend a lot of money on electricity bills but now you can save money while getting the same level of facilities and even the life span of energy-saving air-conditioners is more in compared to other air-conditioners. 
  • Energy-saving rating:- Energy-saving rating is an indicator of most of the quality of the air-conditioner. The air-conditioners with more stars work more efficiently than the other ones. They save more energy and are of better quality. 
  • The low energy saving air-conditioners are also providing the same facilities but with more expense. Those are not even environmentally friendly and the lifespan of less energy-saving air-conditioners is of just a few years. Modern technology and awareness towards environmental causes made the invention of energy-saving features possible. Now a customer is aware of the pros and cons of the product before even buying it and can make the best decision for themselves. 


Air-conditioners have become one of the necessary accessories of our household and they are available in a variety of products that’s why everyone gets confused about which one should they buy. We’ve tried to give you the best information regarding different air-conditioners and even the points that you should consider before buying an air-conditioner. We’re hoping all this information will help you in choosing the best product for your house.